FALCON GROUP is an international trading company specializing in the distribution of agri-food and other brands in the African markets and overseas territories. We act as an agent or representative of international brands who trust us to develop organized and sustainable distribution networks. This partnership allows us to provide our customers with all the marketing and communication solutions allowing a rapid development of sales . Our experience in international markets, our frequent trips to follow our markets and to share with our customers, allow us to react quickly to changing markets and to adapt as quickly as possible to the needs of our customers.

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FALCON GROUP Offers its various services


Falcon group is a Tunisian import- export company with an international representation
We insure the distribution of different articles for the Daily use of the consumer
The client satisfaction is our priority and this is by offering high quality product with a good price
This is by treating our business with integrity and efficiency


The trade negotiation is primarily a communication process through which the involved parties look for an agreement by mutual concessions to achieve a common purpose :buying for one of the parties and selling for the other
The purpose of FALCON GROUP is to:
Convincing of the need to purchase the product
Situate the negotiator, discover his personality, and listen to his needs
Tell the right argument at the right time
Sign sales contracts


Brokerage is a business intermediary activity consisting of bringing the seller and the buyer closer together
Also,Falcon defines itself as a commercial broker of confidence and a business introducer who is engaged in the intermediary activity of goods or services buy or sell transactions
The mission is to enable the interested parties to agree on the modalities of the proposed transaction in order to realize the rapprochement of the two parties on the purpose of concluding the necessary contracts.